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Translation Platform for Volunteers

The Khan Academy Translation Platform is a open source web application that allows groups of volunteers to manage and organize their translation efforts.


Log into the app and you'll see all your important information at a glance. The videos are organized by importance and your personal progress is displayed on the side. Also check out the leaderboard to see how many other volunteers are active this week.

Assigned Videos
Title Subject Duration Status
How to be a Minion Minion Skills 1:48 Assigned
How to Find a Master Minion Skills 1:48 Assigned
How to Keep a Master Minion Skills 2:08 Assigned
Top Priority Videos
Title Subject Duration Status
How to Find Bananas Minion Skills 4:21 Unassigned
How to be a Villian Minion Skills 2:43 Reviewed
Recently Translated Videos
No Videos Recently Translated
My Accomplishments
  • 10 Assigned Videos
  • 25 Translated Videos
  • 14 Reviewed Videos
  • 39 Points


22 Points

Sir Kevin

12 Points

King Bob

9 Points


Videos are essential to the application. The platform allows you to select the right video to translate and takes you through the steps of translating the video effectively. Videos can be translated either online through Amara or offline by using a text editor and a SRT file.

Title Subject Duration Status
How to be a Minion Life Skills 3:56 Assigned
How to Find a Master Minion Skills 3:42 Unassigned
How to Find Bananas Life Skills 2:25 Translated
How to Find a Minion People Skills 1:21 Reviewed

Translating Videos

Translations require four steps until they are approved to go online.

  • Unassigned

    This is a newly uploaded video with no existing translation.

  • Assigned

    This video has been selected or delegated to a volunteer.

  • Translated

    This video has a translation on Amara and is ready to be reviewed.

  • Reviewed

    This video has been translated and approved by the community.

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Review System

The review system allows users to provide constructive criticism to improve the quality of translations.

Constructive Criticism


Each volunteer has a profile with lists of videos they have assigned, translated, and reviewed. They can also write a short bio to introduce themselves to other volunteers.

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    King Bob
  • Country:
    Milky Way
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About Me

Boss! My goal is to find the biggest, baddest villian to serve. King Bob!

Title Subject Duration Status
How to Train a Minion PE 1:18 Assigned
How to Find a Master Life Skills 2:04 Assigned
How to Find Bananas Life Skills 3:12 Assigned
How to Eat Bananas Cooking 1:42 Assigned
How to Sew Overalls Sewing 3:55 Assigned
Title Subject Duration Status
How to Draw a Minion Art 2:19 Translated
How to Cook Bananas Cooking 2:08 Translated
How to Travel the World Traveling 3:12 Translated
How to Speak Minion Languages 3:12 Translated
Title Subject Duration Status
How to Hitchhike Life Skills 2:19 Translated
How to Papaya Life Skills 3:30 Translated
How to Make a Movie Life Skills 3:54 Translated
How to Train a Dragon Life Skills 12:22 Translated


We created a leaderboard so volunteers can gain recognition for their contributions.


Earn 1 point for every video translated.

Earn an extra point for every starred video translated.

Your Accomplishments
  • 1 Assigned Videos
  • 2 Translated Videos
  • 1 Reviewed Videos
  • 4 Points

King Bob

Moon, Milky Way

4 Points

Sir Kevin

Minion Land, Galaxy Far Far Away

3 Points


Minion World

2 Points

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