Model-Based Design of a Cubesat with Orthogonal Spinning Sensors

Simulation models of mechanical systems are typically difficult to construct due to the presence of constraints and non-linearity. A systematic tool suite was developed to integrate simulation into the mechanical design cycle and applied to design a spacecraft capable of using spinning probes on two orthogonal axes to gather electric and magnetic field data. Additional info is available here.

Checker Playing Robotic Arm

This robot plays checkers autonomously. It reads the game state from images of the checkers board. After an opponent's move, the robot builds a game tree to decide and take necessary actions to complete its move. This may require moving multiple pieces in checkers. Once the robot arm has completed its move, it returns to its home position and awaits for its opponent's next move. A video is available here.

Interactive Shapeshifting Chair

This chair explores interaction and various form factors in seating. The links can be adjusted to rearrange the structure and allow one to sit, perch, or lounge.

Mechanical Photography & Illustration

This collection focuses on the exploration of subtle changes in form, color, and composition in darkness. Underneath the hood of an antiquated car, spark plugs ignite; gasoline combusts; pistons fire. After experimenting with the overlapping of under-exposed photos and over-exposed photos, I developed techniques to highlight certain areas with mesmerizing color and composition – darkness highlights the vibrant metals while negative space moves the viewer’s eyes through the image. This process has comparable mimetic elements to an engine in motion. For instance, in the picture of the red and gold camshaft and engine cylinder head, the camshaft and singular rod glow with the variation of color.